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Well, prior to tasting Tipala's Cha I'd only had premixed junk or tea bags that were "chai". They were okay, but lacked substance. When I first tried Tipala's Cha I could IMMEDIATELY taste the fresh ginger and various spices that she uses. That is super appreciated because stale flavors are the reason I've been so indifferent towards other generic chais. Tipala's Cha has definitely changed my life and elevated the Cha experience for me. None will compare and I'm NOT exaggerating. Try it for yourself!

Love, Sam

This is the first real chai I've ever had, and it's now clear how watered down all the other "chai" I've previously had is. The ginger burns so good :) Can't wait to get some more!


Matt VN 

The iced cha was bomb. All the flavors blasting. So so good. 


Tipala's Cha has a quality spice and sweetness to it, you can't stop drinking until it's all gone. Unfortunately, it does end. The bottle has a bottom which I wish was bottomless. The local honey used is nice and sweet at first but doesn't have the craziness that sugar has after consuming it. It's a sweet success that has me craving it daily! I have to stop myself from chugging it when I open a fresh bottle. That's the truth. I've had a lot of chai but I love this one as it only has the best ingredients. Since I have a sensitivity to foods that aren't of high quality, I know that when I drink this and feel good afterwards (without a sugar buzz), I know it is also doing my body good. Thanks, Tipala! Love this so much!


Comfort with a kick.


Every sip of cha is a moment of zen. I feel centered and ready for my day.


Tipala's Cha is second to none! I'm obsessed with tea so I know! It's one of those things that not only tastes absolutely amazing (hot or cold) but it nourishes your soul. You can feel the love that was put into making it with each sip. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and my tummy truly appreciates all its lovely, simple, and organic ingredients. Everyone I have shared it with is wow'd! Do yourself a favor and grab a bottle or a case like me! You, your tummy, and your soul will be so thankful you did! Thank you Tiff for feeding my soul and tummy with such deliciousness. To say I love it would be an understatement.


<3  Maura 

 I love this tea mix because of its taste, benefits, purity, and the sense of comfort I get in every sip <3


Within many trips to India, I have had my share of chai. There are so many versions of this traditional tea, but I have yet to find one that matches Tipala's. The balance of sweetness, creaminess, and spice brings this tea to life. This is the best chai you will ever drink.


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