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balsam moon rest & recover gift box

balsam moon rest & recover gift box


soothing, grounding, nurturing.  this gift box is not exclusive to people with periods... but it is definitely designed with them in mind.  I am a very big advocate of letting yourself rest & recover during menstruation, so I have curated this box of goodies to encourage others to do the same.  this is an excellent gift for someone you love (perhaps someone enduring Endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis), or for yourself!  I have Endometriosis myself, and I would be really touched if someone thought to send me something as cozy as this giftbox.  there are absolutely NO scented products in this giftbox. any aroma would be coming from the dried rose and chamomile in the tea bath sachets, and the lavender bundles. each box comes with:

  • balsam moon chai blend x2
  • tipala's bath tea (rose, chamomile, epsom salt, oat [gf]) sachets x3
  • cha dust
  • Turkish blanket (organic cotton, hand spun, supports small business)
  • tea strainer
  • heart-shaped tea infuser
  • 2 tea light candles (100% ethically sourced organic beeswax, organic cotton wick, unscented, supports small business)
  • small lavender bundle wrapped with miniminalist bow (harvested from small farm, supports small business)
  • beautiful re-uasble box (printed by small business)
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