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Ba grew up in the villages of Gujarat, India, where life is much different than what I experience here in the US. Her nickname for me was Tipala, and our most heartfelt conversations happened over a cup (or in her case, two cups and a bowl..) of hot cha in the morning. Since her passing, I do a little cheers to her before every cup, and thank her for bringing this magical drink into my life. Cha (or chai, as most people recognize it) is a sweet and creamy milk tea full of freshly ground spices and black tea. It is savored all over India and the most beautiful thing is how we each prefer our cup a little differently. Right alongside my passion for chai is a deep love for animals. My obsession with dogs started when I was 2 years old after adopting our family dog. I haven't known life without a dog by my side since. With each purchase of Tipala's Cha, a portion of profits is donated to various non-profit organizations and causes supporting animal welfare. Thank you for being here.

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